Greek Mountain Flora

                                             Plant index M

      Macrotomia densiflora(019  020 057 058), Mt Chelmos Peloponnese
      Malcolmia flexuosa, South Peloponnese Lowlands
      Mandragora autumnalis, south Crete
      Mandragora autumnalis, south western Crete
      Marrubium sp, Mt Parnassos Central Greece
      Matthiola fruticulosa(043 044), Mt Pangeo Northern Greece
      Melittis melissophyllum(009  010), Mt Chelmos Peloponnese
      Melittis melissophyllum(003  004), Mt Ossa Northern Greece
      Minuartia attica(037  038  039  040 068 149), Mt Kajmaktcalan Northern Greece
      Minuartia attica, Mt Smolikas Northern Greece
      Minuartia juniperina, Mt Chelmos Peloponnese
      Minuartia juniperina, Mt Taygetos Peloponnese
      Minuartia pseudosaxifraga(040  041  042 083), Mt Timfi Northern Greece
      Minuartia stellata(013  015  016  017), Mt Athamanon Northern Greece
      Minuartia stellata, Mt Parnassos Central Greece
      Minuartia stellata(011  012  013), Mt Peristeri Northern Greece
      Minuartia stellata(052 053), Mt Vardousia Central Greece
      Minuartia stellata and Asperula boissieri, Mt Vardousia Central Greece
      Minuartia stojanovii, Mt Falakro Northen Greece
      Minuartia sp, Mt Grammos Northern Greece
      Moneses uniflora(133 134), Mt Smolikas Northern Greece
      Monotropa hypopitys, Mt Olympos northern Greece
      Morina persica, Mt Parnassos Central Greece
      Myosotis alpestris, Mt Kajmaktcalan Northern Greece
      Myosotis alpestris, Mt Kyllini Peloponnese
      Myosotis alpestris(052  063), Mt Olympos Northern Greece
      Myosotis alpestris, Mt Vardousia Central Greece

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