Greek Mountain Flora

                                             Plant index I
      Iberis carnosa(042 055), Mt Giona Central Greece
      Iberis carnosa, Mt Tzena Northern Greece
      Iberis epirota(093 094), Mt Smolikas Northern Greece
      Iberis saxatilis(006 007 041), Mt Giona Central Greece
      Iberis sempervirens, Mt Erymanthos Peloponnese
      Iberis sempervirens, Mt Olympos Northern Greece
      Iberis sempervirens(120 121), Mt Pangeo Northern Greece
      Inula crithmoides, east coast Peloponnese
      Inula verbascifolia, Gulf of Corinth
      Inula verbascifolia(19 21), Rhodos island
      Inula verbascifolia ssp aschersoniana, central Peloponnese
      Inula sp, Mt Grammos Northern Greece
      Iris attica(028 029 030 109 110 111 112), Mt Parnassos Central Greece
      Iris attica, Mt Parnon Peloponnese
      Iris germanica, Mt Timfi Northern Greece
      Iris hellenica, Mt Chelmos Peleponnese
      Iris hellenica(002 003 004), Mt Saitas Peloponnese
      Iris planifolia(235 236 237 238 239 240), western Crete
      Iris pseudacorus, northern Peloponnese
      Iris pseudacorus, Prespa lake northern Greece
      Iris reichenbachii(001  002), Mt Vermion Northern Greece
      Iris sintenisii(455 456), Northern Greece
      Iris sintenisii(045 046 047), Mt Smolikas Northern Greece
      Iris suaveolens, Mt Orvilos Northern Greece
      Iris tuberosa, Mt Taygetos Peloponnese
      Iris unguicularis(175 176), Dikti Mountains Crete
      Iris unguicularis, Karpathos Island
      Iris unguicularis(052 053), Mt Parnon Peloponnese
      Iris unguicularis, Rhodos Island

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