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   This site is featuring the mountain flora of Greece by way of photo albums of, mostly,
   flowering plants found in the major mountain ranges of Greece. It also contains a section of
   interesting lowland species.
   Although far from complete, it gives a good impression of the beauty of the Greek mountain
   flora which still can be seen today. In the years to come, we hope to extend this site with new
   pictures and information. If you like Greek Mountain Flora and want to support it, why not
   make a donation!
   Running Greek Mountain Flora as a full time project is of course not without costs.
   We therefore highly appreciate it if you want to support this project. Thanks in advance!!
   We have 'divided' Greece in 5 sections, each section has its mountain ranges and each
   mountain range has its photo album. For example: PeloponneseMt Parnon ╗ Photo Album.
   The exception is Crete, here all mountain and lowland pictures are put together in one album.
   All pictures are arranged chronologically.
   You can either browse these pages or look for a specific plant, mountain or place name in the
   index of plant names or index of place names respectively. The index of place names also
   contains a list of pictures of butterflies, other insects and animals.
   You can also make a contribution by way of helping to identify one or more of the unknown
   species pictures, suggestions are highly appreciated !
   We hope you enjoy your visit and welcome your comment and suggestions, just feel free to
   send us an e-mail. 
Lowland flora
Central Greece
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